SAINA Alliance with AAASA

Alliance with AAASA and Our journey

AAASA (Asian American Alliance with San Antonio board),a not for profit organization, which was created in 2014, has been relentlessly working towards uniting and promoting the Asian American Community in San Antonio and focusing on issues that effect the Asian community and the city as a whole.

It has been an honor and a privilege for us at SAINA , to collaborate with AAASA, and  be a part of their, growing 17 member organization. The board of SAINA was invited to one of the flagship events conducted on the 19th of June, chaired by "Erik Walsh"  the "City Manager". (SAINA was one of the  proud sponsors for the event).

The event gave SIANA a platform to  talk about our Visions and Goals, thus garnering the support of the various organizations present. AAASA has been very  appreciative of our mission and has assured of their help to not only publicize our cause, but also as a larger ASIAN organization to help collaborate and communicate with various Asian communities.


SAINA - the 17th chapter of NAINA,  since its inception (a little over 100 days now), has had the  privilege to be    a part of  various forums  and events  across Texas, like the representation at  Philippine Nurses Association of San Antonio (PNASA)  ( 18th May),  Silver Jubilee celebration of NAINA (25th May), IASA consular camp (8th June), and a  few more to name.

Over the course of these past few months, SAINA has been able to grow visibly from the initial 30 nurses, to 100 + as on date.  This in turn has driven a greater zeal and enthusiasm within the team   to achieve and accomplish our Mission and play an integral  role in helping  our nursing families and also in the upliftment of  our community. The Indian Nursing community over the years has emerged and made a foothold in the Healthcare profession . Nursing education has evolved over the years, with nurses widening their scope of work not only in care,  but also  research, and,  contribution towards  strengthening systems ,to work efficiently in Interdisciplinary teams. 


Our Indian nursing community of SAN Antonio  (an amalgamation of varied cultures), has also been growing steadily and continuously  with  immense cooperation, mutual respect, hard work, dedication and support. We at SAINA are persistently working to reach out to the larger community and making our selves a stronger visible family.

Together, with our associations, and  continued involvement in helping our community , we are confident in  building a family of strong , caring and trusted professionals, thus, empowering the fraternity who  positively impact the lives of many.


Message from President

Brunch with Nurses


Paul J. Meyer said, “Construct your determination with Sustained Effort, Controlled Attention, and Concentrated Energy.  Opportunities never come to those who wait… they are captured by those who dare to attack.” This is the glory of San Antonio Indian Nurses Association (SAINA), and it was seen by public through Fox29 TV news. The News title stated, “SA Indian Nurses offer public a taste of India with Brunch fundraiser.” This is the legacy of SAINA.

I am grateful for the progress SAINA has made since it’s humble beginning from February 25, 2019 till this date. On August 24,2019, we had the Brunch with Indian Nurses fundraiser program where all of us came together and worked as one family. SAINA has been blessed with dedicated, committed, determined professional nurses and NPs. The family members were present during the Brunch and they had done an exemplary work by extending help to all nurses. I am thankful to the public for their support. I am grateful to the family members of SAINA for their tireless contributions and bringing this organization visible at local, national and global level. Though we have sustained heat blisters, sun burn, exhaustion and, body pain through adverse work conditions and taking time away from family, our theme “Service Before self” is a reminder that, excellence is a journey and not a destination.

I am extremely grateful to the members of SAINA. 

Kush- You made Chappati and Keema and served SAINA and the public. You are awesome.

Preeti Khanna- Thank you for dressing up in Indian style. You were at the counter and served food to the public. Beautiful.

Vanisha- You were a great help yesterday - Awesome

Sumitha, Lakshmi, Ramani- Thank you beautiful ladies for helping the nurses. Your mentality is an example to all. 

Soosi, Leena, Beena, Bejoice- The masala Dosa stall was the central attraction-Thank you.

Mercy, Bindu, Maggi, Heena Ji, Malathi, Mariamma- You served well. The food was delicious, and your smile and hospitality helped the customers buy more food-well done

Viji, Abraham,Anu, Shibi, Manjusha, Julie- Thank you so much for your commitment-What an awesome job you all did!

Jai, Ancy, Regina, Bijo, Sam, Thomas- You were the pulse of Fundraiser- no words to describe your dedication

Volunteers -They helped us in moving tables and serving customers. Your certificates are ready.

St. Mary’s Indian Orthodox church- We did well yesterday. Thank you to you all.

Executive Board team- I am extremely thankful and grateful to our EB team. The idea of brunch was suggested by me; I had the experience of serving brunch just once. But when I proposed the idea, you all supported me and made it doable. What an awesome team!

If I have missed someone, it is unintentional; I can’t remember at this time.

Yes, we haven’t made the target goal of $7500!!! However, we have connected with the public. Our name was out in the news and radio. Our website got updated with pictures of fundraiser, and we have created an image of excellence. The money will be flowing to us from Universities through our humble efforts. Our online donation site is open, and we request for contributions. SAINA members are strong, determined, and have good camaraderie. You saw the nurses face-to face and now you know whom to ask for help among you. Our team is reliable. 

Thank you for making the fundraiser a huge success.

Team - relax and enjoy. We are blessed by our profession. May God bless all of us today and forever.

Thank you


President of SAINA

Pressanna Parackal, DNP, RN

Editor-Seena Mathew

           Next move is to participate in the 3rd Annual Fideo Loco Festival on November 2nd!!!.






SAINA Annual Conference Invite

We are very proud of our sponsors and supporters

Thank you for your generous support.