About US



  • SAINA is a not-for-profit organization under the rules and regulations on non-profit organizations in the country of United States of America

  • Purpose: To serve as a professional body and resource for all licensed professional nurses of Indian descend/origin and heritage in USA.

  • Expectation: as a whole we have the responsibility to conduct business cooperatively upholding the nursing professional and ethical standards towards achieving the established mission and goals of the organization. We are a chapter for NAINA.


  Create a community of excellence in nursing through professional development and networking


  To promote professional excellence in nursing practice and healthcare through

  1. Empowerment 
  2. Renewal of professional and cultural identity
  3. Optimize their contribution to individuals, families and communities


We are committed to:

  • Caring, compassion, ethical values and exceptional healthcare practices
  • Client-centered helping relationships and advocacy
  • Accountability and responsibility for EBP
  • Continuous personal and professional development of self and others
  • Collaboration and innovation


  • Act as wellness advocate
  • Provide health awareness to the community
  • As volunteers to assist in health screening programs
  • To provide access to information to ethnic minorities
  • To conduct, analyze and publish information
  • To participate in conferences, workshops, seminars, and forums
  • To Present seminars, workshops, and forums